Your home for high quality, small batch, fresh roasted coffee. All orders are roasted the same day they ship. What can we roast for you today?



These single serve pods are unlike any others. We are able to load them with just roasted coffee ensuring that you get the freshest coffee possible and with the convenience of a pod. We use more coffee than other pods and utilizing the iFill technology all of the grounds get saturated leaving you with a better, higher quality cup of coffee. These pods are also 100% recyclable and BPA free.



Provide our customers with the freshest, and best tasting coffee possible. We want people to stop drinking bad coffee!

Palisade Coffee Company was built around freshness, high quality beans, and doing business the right way. We roast all of our beans the same day they are shipped in order to ensure you have the best product possible. We ship all across the United States which allows us to be your local roaster, no matter where you are. We want to be your "go to" when it comes to coffee.