Cascara Tea

Cascara Tea

Cascara tea is tea made from the dried skins of coffee cherries. Once the coffee beans are removed the remaining fruit is dried, packaged and shipped off around the world for people to enjoy. This tea does not taste like coffee, it is a fruit tea. Many flavors come to mind when drinking it like hibiscus, dried apple, and mango. Cascara does contain caffeine and it ranges anywhere between 15%-25% of a cup of coffee. It is also said to contain 50% more antioxidants than cranberries. If you haven't ever tried this tea, now is your chance. 

  • Brewing Recommendation

    To brew I recommend using 0.25 oz of tea and steeping it in 8 oz of water for about 10 minutes. We also enjoy it with honey or a little sugar and it makes a great cup of tea. You can also brew it as iced tea or just eat it! 

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