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What is Cascara Tea?

Coffee Berries
Coffee berries before harvest

I just recently added cascara tea for sale on our website at and I have received a lot of questions about what it is.

Cascara tea is tea made from the cherry fruit left over from the harvest of the coffee beans. The "cherries" in the photo are the actual fruit of the tea, and then inside of that is where you would find the coffee beans. Many times the remaining fruit is used for compost and fertilizer for future crops but in many parts of the world the cascara is a prized fruit and many times sells for more than the coffee beans themselves. Although it can't be classically labeled as a true tea because it comes from the genus coffea, it is basically what you would find if you bought a fruit tea.

Cascara Tea
Dehydrated Cascara Tea

The flavors I find from the cascara tea are hibiscus, dried apple, and hints of mango. It is very versatile and can be made as hot tea, cold tea, or eaten by itself. It tastes nothing like coffee.

Cascara contains anywhere from 15%-25% of the caffeine content of coffee and is also said to have over 50% more antioxidants than that of cranberries. So whether you want that nice cup of coffee in the morning to get you going, or the afternoon tea to keep you going, why not utilized the entire coffee plant for everything?!

Brewing ideas - I have found that 0.25-0.30 oz of cascara tea for every 8 oz of water gives you the best taste profile for the tea. I typically steep it in hot water (195-200 degrees f) for 8-10 minutes with a little honey or sugar. You can also make this a great iced tea as well.

I know this is just a little information on cascara tea but please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions or comments.

Matt Sayers - Palisade Coffee Company;

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