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Decaf, not as fun but still necessary...

There are many people in this world that would rather sit through rush hour traffic than drink a cup of decaf coffee. I don't actively seek out a cup of decaf, but on occasion I will have a cup if it is late at night and I don't want to stare blankly at my bedroom ceiling hyped up on caffeine. The reality is though that there are still a number of people that are sensitive to caffeine but love coffee. The problem is that the process of decaffeinating coffee can be harsh and a lot of times involve chemicals. Coffee is a delicate product and if you treat it like a crash test dummy, your end result will be a dull, lifeless cup of coffee. You're already drinking decaff for some reason, you might as well enjoy the flavor...

As the sole employee at Palisade Coffee Company I am in charge of buying and roasting every single coffee that we offer. I typically test roast every coffee 3-10 times to get it exactly right and highlight the appropriate characteristics that I want to show to my customers. My biggest decaf customer is currently my wife because she's pregnant with our twins. She's also my most "challenging", and "critical" customer but that's beside the point. When I was looking for a new decaf blend to serve to not only my customers but also my wife, I want something that doesn't taste like that lifeless decaf everybody is used to. I also don't want to serve something that has been introduced to more chemicals than a chemistry experiment. We offer a blend of Swiss Water Process decaf coffee that tastes like real coffee, because it is real coffee...just without the caffeine.

Swiss Water Process is a really neat process that utilizes water, temperature, and time to extract 99.9% of the caffeine out of the coffee bean. I am no expert on the process and won't even start to act like I understand the science behind it, but what I do know is that it utilizes water, and compounds from the green coffee to extract the caffeine out of the coffee that will soon be roasted by your favorite coffee roaster...Palisade Coffee Company. In simple terms, the coffee is soaked in water that has already been soaked in green coffee prior to this batch. This allows the flavors and integrity of the coffee bean to stay intact, but the caffeine will flow out into the water over a length of time. Once the bean is decaffeinated it is dried, packaged, and ready to be shipped out. The reason this process is our preferred method is because it doesn't introduce any unnecessary chemicals to the coffee, and it keeps the flavor and characteristics present.

I am in no way sponsored or compensated for writing this about the Swiss Water Process, but I have tasted far too many decaf coffees and the best tasting ones use this process. I can assure you that if you purchase decaffeinated coffee from Palisade Coffee Company it will be SWP, and it will taste good. You can also feel confident in the fact that it has not been treated with chemicals. We already get enough of those on a daily basis, why add more...

Now raise your cups of coffee (decaff or regular) and cheers, here's to great coffee!

Palisade Coffee Company

Matt Sayers - Owner and Roaster

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